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Mechanism of GENOSYS Dermafix

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DermafixAuto needling therapy Dermafix

"GENOSYS DERMAFIX is an automatic device for microneedling therapy."

It helps increase the absorption rate of active ingredients of skin care products by creating physical pathways through skin. and it helps collagen and elastin induction through natural wound healing process of skin.

The GENOSYS Dermafix uses 16 needles of 0.2mm thickness to minimise the sensation. In addition the profile of each needle is hexagonal to reduce the contact surface area and lower the pressure that leads to pain. There are nine speed setting on the GENOSYS Dermafix and needle length can be adjusted from 0.25 to 2.00 mm.

The effects of micro-needling using the GENOSYS Dermafix are

  • Skin firming and lifting
  • Skin brightening and whitening
  • Improvement of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement of acne scarring
  • Improvement of burn scarring
  • Improvement of stretch marks
  • Hair loss (alopecia) treatment
  • Contraction of pores

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