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Digital Skin & Hair Analyzer

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Coscam Digital Skin & Hair Analyzer Digital  Skin & Hair Analyzer

Muti - purpose cap - It provides crystal clear images using side illuminating cap to reduce reflection. It provides client's education for skin, scalp, hair conditions through flexible magnification rates(x12,x40,x50,x1000 without changing lens. Scooths & relaxes sensitive skins cleaness the skin of toxins and impurities. Deep hydration and nutrition for a healthy, smooth, radiant complexion Balances oily skin and makes skin less prone to acne. Perfect nutrition and oxygenation of all cutaneous tissues. customer management by software program - imange management softare "hairsys" and "skinsys" will help you to provide more professional and distinguished customer service than any other software. Hairsys: Hair analysis and customer care management sofware Skinsys: Skin analysis and customer care management software. Simple and convenient design - ultra light and small sized compact design to handle by one hand. One portable carrying case for all.


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